#OpenGateway Activation Programme

Wayra’s worldwide search for disruptive technologies with applications that can benefit from telco capabilities open to developers.

Open Gateway Activation Programme is Wayra’s worldwide search for disruptive technologies with applications that can benefit from telco capabilities open to developers.

Our goal is to accelerate innovation in the space by fast-tracking the growth of the best startups in any vertical, offering:

  • Privileged access to Telefonica’s early adopter program (network info & access, payments & financial services, and security & privacy).
  • Access Wayra and Telefonica Ventures investment.
  • Joint business development opportunities with Telefónica.

Why should I apply?

Get early and free access to the first Telco APIs exposed by Telefónica live in production platforms – including the network.

  • Initial set of APIs include: Mobile QoD, Wifi QoD, Device Location, Device Status, Checkout and SIM Swap amongst others.
  • Work with our experts. Telefonica´s goal is to offer the best startups in this sector the possibility to own, build and maintain their own network infrastructure, by giving exclusive access to the early adopter programme.
  • Become part of Telefonica’s Open Innovation ecosystem, and access investment and business development opportunities with us!


How will we support you?

Early access to APIs

Network info & Access (QoD mobile, QoD Wifi, Network info), Payment & Financial Services (Checkout, SIM Swap, Number verification, Wallet) and Security & Privacy (Identity, Device ID, Web3 Identity, Device location, Security).

Technical & Commercial Support

Tap into the technical, commercial & product support from our network of experts, mentors and coaches.

Business development opportunities and customer network

Access to Telefónica's B2B and B2C customers with the potential to run pilots, build use cases, deploy solutions, be part of Telefonica's showrooms and demo centers or become one of our business partners.

Investment opportunities and open Innovation Ecosystem

Potential investment ranging from €100k to €5m from any of Telefónica's investment vehicles as well as exposure to our global network of VCs. By joining our expansive ecosystem, members benefit from the use of our office space in any of our hubs across the globe, access to our network of companies, CCs, experts & corporates, as well as our pool of exclusive perks (see the full list here).

Timeline of the programme


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Open Innovation unit is a force for transformation that drives open innovation within the new Telefónica.

Our initiatives include Wayra Activation Programme, Wayra, Open Future and Telefónica Ventures.

Telefónica is a key player in the global ecosystem of new firms. Our commitment to Open Inovation is growing year by year and this will not change. We are constantly looking for new companies that have adapted to Telefónica to accelerate their business in areas such as IoT, Cybersecurity, IA, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Video, Connectivity... etc.