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Wayra Activation Programme

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Do you want to be part of Wayra Activation Programme and scale your business with Blockchain?

From Wayra Activation Programme we offer you the opportunity to incorporate the advantages of Blockchain into your startup quickly and easily. Through the programme, you will have access to TrustOS, the operating system that allows you to increase the degree of trust in your business thanks to the traceability of the operations and events of your digital processes. The selected startups, in addition to having free access to Telefónica's Blockchain platform, will receive the tools and specialised support from experts to quickly integrate Blockchain capabilities into the business and reduce time to market. The most relevant use cases will be part of Telefónica's catalogue of solutions for all our B2B customers.

How does the programme work?


Add an extra layer of trust to your business

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Use TrustOS to make your business more trustworthy, traceable and transparent thanks to its various modules

TrustOS Platform

Receive your welcome pack and start leveraging the benefits of Blockchain without the need of any extra knowledge. You will save costs and minimize development and time-to-market. TrustOS incorporates the most up-to-date and best-supported Blockchain technologies and is based on the most widely used market standards.

Blockchain Tools

Incorporate the most demanded features for today's Blockchain projects. TrustOS is a set of APIs that offer asset traceability, certificate issuance, digital value transfer, automated reconciliation and integration with IoT ecosystems.

Support and business development

Receive commercial and marketing support and access to business development opportunities with Telefónica's customer portfolio or become one of our business partners.

Networking and entrepreneurial ecosystem

In addition, you will be in contact with other startups that are part of Wayra Activation Programme, as we seek to promote networking and the interaction with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We provide you with everything you need

You will not only get the credentials and the necessary documentation to integrate TrustOS, but you will also receive personalised support from our team of Blockchain experts who will guide you through the entire implementation lifecycle, from design to production. You will also receive additional services that will help you get the most out of the programme and your experience with Telefónica.

Support and Tutorials

We have documentation and tutorials designed to help you integrate Blockchain into your solution.

Workshops and Training

We will run workshops and online events on the different technologies and platforms we have given you access to, running practical workshops and showing you existing use cases and success stories that will allow you to identify the value for your startup.

Wayra Ecosystem

By being part of the Wayra ecosystem, you will have access to additional benefits.


We will analyze your potential to evaluate an investment opportunity by Wayra.


You can enjoy the perks of the Activation Programme getting discounts on various tools and free credits for AWS and GoogleCloud, among others.


Contact one of our hubs and opt to access its facilities if you need it.

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Connected Open Innovation unit is a force for transformation that drives open innovation within the new Telefónica.

Our initiatives include Wayra Activation Programme, Wayra, Open Future, Telefónica Innovation Ventures, Wayra Builder, Fast Track Funnel and our programme for disseminating talent and ideas in universities in our footprint.

Telefónica is a key player in the global ecosystem of new firms. Our commitment to Open Innovation is growing year by year and this will not change. We are constantly looking for new companies that have adapted to Telefónica to accelerate their business in areas such as IoT, Cybersecurity, IA, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Video, Connectivity... etc.


Telefónica IoT & Big Data Tech is the Telefónica unit specialised in developing solutions for enterprises in the areas of Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Telefónica IoT & Big Data Tech makes numerous efforts to support a heterogeneous, broad and diversified range of programmes and initiatives to carry out research and innovation projects, approaching academic and scientific entities capable of providing the most advanced capabilities and ideas in the technological field and being able to provide, thanks to the transfer of knowledge, differential advantages born of clear technological needs from the market.

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