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Wayra Activation Programme

Powering Disruption

Are you an innovative startup that wants to scale your solution in the market? We have what you are looking for: Wayra Activation Programme. 

This programme offers exclusive and free access to new technologies in the quickest and easiest way: thanks to our APIs and the personalized support of our experts, we will help you to promote your project through Telefónica's different technological platforms at no extra cost. 

In addition, you will be able to enjoy other benefits such as entering our ecosystem, networking with other entrepreneurs, having the opportunity to be invested by Wayra or performing a pilot with big clients of our company.

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How does the programme work?

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Platforms AND

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Specialised Technical

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Open Gateway

Wayra’s worldwide search for disruptive technologies with applications based on new network and telecommunications services.

Take advantage of a full set of Telco capabilities that Telefonica and its partners can offer through global and standardized APIs to build your applications. Build new experiences and functionality integrating the power of the network. Get access to Telefonica’s early adopter program, while benefiting from business development and investment opportunities. Join now!





Wayra and Meta launch the first edition of Metaverse Activation Programme

The programme offersexclusive access to Meta's core technology, (platforms solutions and devices) with the support of experts and technical teams to help the startups make the most out of this programme.





Access to 5G connectivity and Edge technology and show your solution to our B2B customers.

We offer you Telefónica's 5G/Edge networks from our Wayra 5G/Edge Lab which has the latest technologies and devices for the development of your solution. Be part of our Showroom for customers and access to business development opportunities with Telefonica's sales and marketing team.





Add an extra layer of trust to your business

Take advantage of all the capabilities of TrustOS, Telefonica's Blockchain platform, and easily integrate them into your solution. You will receive specialized support from our experts team, who will help you benefit from the added value of this technology without the need for technical knowledge or infrastructure deployment.




Carrier Billing

One-Click Payments

Try our Carrier Billing as an additional payment method, allowing your customers to make their digital payments in one click through their Movistar account. You will receive technical support and multidisciplinary advice to integrate your payment gateway with us.




Living Apps

Reach more than one million Spanish homes through the Digital Home Services Platform.

Create your own Living App and offer a new consumer experience in more than one million homes through Movistar+. Make your service known, attract new clients and position your brand at the forefront of innovation in a personalized way.




Artificial Intelligence

Extract relevant conclusions from your data

Try our exclusive LUCA Suite for AI tool and start getting value from your databases. You will be supported by our data scientists, who will show you how to get the most out of this technology by integrating Machine Learning capabilities into your solution intuitively.




Internet of Things

Boosting the development of your Internet of Things solutions

Receive our IoT Toolkit with which you can test your solution with the connectivity you need (LTE-M, NB-IoT or 3G-4G-5G),managing it through the IoT connectivity platform. Our team will give you personalized support to perform from functional tests in our laboratories to pilots in the field.




We have professional teams that will help you implement our technologies in your business from the beginning, easily and quickly. In addition, you will receive additional training so you can make the most of the advantages of being part of the programme. Thanks to this, you will be able to reduce your costs while improving the quality of your service. 

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Show us your solution and opt for the possibility to perform a pilot with Telefónica's customer portfolio or become one of our business partners.

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Thanks to the collaboration with Wayra, our startup scale-up, you will receive additional benefits for being part of the program.


We will analyze your potential to evaluate an investment opportunity by Wayra.


You can enjoy the perks of the Activation Programme getting discounts on various tools and free credits for AWS and GoogleCloud, among others.


Contact one of our hubs and opt to access its facilities if you need it.



"Blockchain technology provides a layer of value which suppose an extra certification, since it allows the client to have a greater transparency of our communications with third parties. Applying this technology without having to spend resources on implementation and development has saved us time and costs"

Manuel Moregal, CIO y Co-Fundador de Smart Protection


Discover how Blockchain technology works in Telefónica Activation Programme by the hand of Paula Díez (Head of Open APIs Programme) and César Rodríguez (Blockchain Engineer)

What countries can join Wayra Activation Programme?

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Connected Open Innovation unit is a force for transformation that drives open innovation within the new Telefónica.

Our initiatives include Wayra Activation Programme, Wayra, Open Future, Telefónica Innovation Ventures, Wayra Builder, Fast Track Funnel and our programme for disseminating talent and ideas in universities in our footprint.

Telefónica is a key player in the global ecosystem of new firms. Our commitment to OpenInnovation is growing year by year and this will not change. We are constantly looking for new companies that have adapted to Telefónica to accelerate their business in areas such as IoT, Cybersecurity, IA, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Video, Connectivity... etc.

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